FTP 2023


Ease of Doing Business

  • Automatic approval of various permissions under FTP without physical interface. Reduction in processing time as below:

Permission type

Current processing time

Automatic route

Advance authorization issuance

3-7 days

1 day

EPCG issuance

3-7 days

1 day

Revalidation of authorization

3-7 days

1 day

Extension of export obligation period

3-7 days

1 day


Reduction in Transaction Cost

  • Reduction in user charges for MSMEs under Advance Authorization and EPCG Schemes

License value

User charges

Reduced charges

Up to 1 cr

1 per 1000


1 cr to 10 cr

1 per 1000


Above 10 cr

Cap at 1,00,000




  • Revamp of the e-Certificate of Origin platform proposed- to provide for self-certification of CoOs as well as automatic approval of CoOs, where feasible.
  • Initiatives for electronic exchange of CoO data with partner countries envisaged.
  • Paperless filing of Export Obligation Discharge Applications: This is in addition to the application process for issuance being already paperless. With this, the entire lifecycle of the authorization shall become paperless.


Status Holder Export Threshold

  • Export performance threshold for Recognition of Exporters as Status Holders rationalized

Status house category

Existing export Performance threshold

Revised export performance threshold

One Star



Two Stars



Three Stars



Four Stars



Five Stars




Town of Export Excellence (TEE)

Export performance threshold for Recognition of Exporters as Status Holders rationalized. Benefits under the TEE scheme:

  • Recognition, credibility, and global stage
  • Financial Assistance under Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme and visiting trade exhibitions/fairs.
  • Common Service Provider Facility


Rupee Payment under FTP

  • FTP benefits extended for rupee realizations through special Vostro accounts.


Merchanting Trade Reforms

  • Merchanting trade allowed i.e., shipment of goods from one foreign country to another foreign country without touching Indian ports, involving an Indian intermediary.


Amnesty Scheme

  • Special One-time Amnesty Scheme for Default in Export Obligations by Advance Authorization and EPCG authorization holders, available up to 30.09.2023.


District as Export Hub Initiative

  • Aims at boosting India's foreign trade by decentralizing export promotion.
  • Creating awareness and commitment regarding exports at the district level.
  • Identification of products/services in all the districts
  • Preparation of District Export Action Plans (DEAPs) to promote identified products and services
  • Capacity building to create new exporters and identification of new markets
  • Infrastructure and Logistics Development Intervention, convergence of ongoing schemes


E-Commerce Export - Facilitation for E-Commerce Exports

  • FTP benefits to be extended to e-Commerce exports.
  • Guidelines being formulated in consultation with other ministries to facilitate further exports under e-Commerce.
  • Special outreach and training activities for small e-commerce exporters
  • The limit for courier exports increased to Rs.10,00,000 per consignment


Dak Niryat Facilitation

  • Dak Ghar Niryat Kendras to be operationalized to work in a hub-and-spoke model with Foreign Post Offices (FPOs) to facilitate cross-border e-Commerce


E-Commerce Export Hubs

  • Designated hubs with warehousing facilities to be notified, for easy stocking, customs clearance and returns processing.
  • Processing facility for last mile activities like labelling, testing, repackaging, etc.


Boosting Manufacturing

  • Dairy sector – exempted from maintaining Average Export Obligation
  • Reduced Export Obligation requirement under EPCG Scheme for specified green technology products
  • Apparel sector added to Special Advance Authorization Scheme 
  • Self-Ratification Scheme to 2-star and above-status holders and Authorized Economic Operators


Streamlining SCOMET Procedure

  • Emphasis on Streamlining Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment and Technologies (SCOMET) Licensing Procedure 
  • Recent policy changes introduced such as general authorizations for export of certain SCOMET items to streamline licensing of these items to make export of SCOMET items globally competitive.
  • Focus on simplifying policies to facilitate export of dual-use high-end goods/technology such as UAV/Drones, Cryogenic Tanks, Certain chemicals, etc