Production Linked Incentives Schemes in India

Supply Chain Resilience Summit | India-Japan-Taiwan

Thursday, 16th September 2021 | 11:00 AM IST

Supply chain resiliency has emerged as one of the most important issues of our times. The disruption of supply chains is forcing nations to rethink their companies’ global manufacturing footprint and accelerate supply chain restructuring in a manner that will ensure greater resilience and agility. Small and Medium Enterprises are emerging as key players in this new global supply chain order.

Keeping that in mind, Invest India would like to welcome investors from Japan, Taiwan and India to participate in the webinar jointly organized by Invest India, Taiwan and Japan. 

The webinar will focus on sessions from Government stakeholders on improved Ease of Doing Business in India as well as recent policy measures such as the production linked incentives (PLIs), sessions on Global Supply Chain Restructuring opportunities and potential in India. Further, our private partners will present future investors with a road-map of strategic entry into the growing India market. With sessions on Taxation Advisory, Banking regulations and FDI routes, all queries on investing in India will be addressed. There will also be a B2B session that shall enable investors across the three regions to interact with each other.

Disclaimer: The company details and areas of interest and potential collaboration as shared by you in the form will be disseminated on Invest India microsite for the webinar to enable maximum traction to your company. This shall enable facilitating B2B conversations with prospective companies during the webinar.

Company Headquarters
What is the nature of your company's operation in India?
Along with the webinar are you interested in participating in a B2B networking session with Taiwanese/Japanese/Indian companies?
What kind of collaboration with Taiwanese/ Japanese/ Indian companies are you interested in?
In which sector are you looking for a partnership?
Are you interested in a one-to-one interaction with Invest India or any of the State Governments to know more?