Home to over 3,600 enterprises related to retail trade

There are over 3,480 industrial units in the UT, around 89% of which lie in the micro and small-scale sector. Major industries present in the region are pharmaceuticals, plastics and texturizing units.

The Union Territory (UT) of Daman and Diu consists of two districts, namely Daman and Diu, situated on the western coast of India at about 700 km away from each other.

Daman is on the mainland near the southern portion of Gujarat, with Vapi being the nearest railway station on Western Railway line. The major river of the region, Daman Ganga river, divides the district into two separate parts. The river Bhagwan runs along the northern border of the district whereas the river Kalem runs along the southern border.

On the other hand, Diu is an island near Junagarh district in Gujarat, with Delwada being the nearest railway station. The district has 21 km of the coastal region and is straddled by Chasi river in the north and the Arabian sea on the remaining three sides.


Home to over 1,200 plastic-based industries, making the UT a leading exporter of plastic items


Fish production worth over $43 mn annually


Annual tourist arrivals of over 2.8 mn


Urbanisation Rate

Females/ 1000 Males

Female/Male Ratio

Male/Female Ratio


The total population of Daman is about 190,000 and that of Diu is about 52,000.

Diu has one of the highest females/ 1000 males ratio in India of 1030.

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