Union Budget 2023-24
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To provide training to farmers across different districts of India regarding the organic certification and certifying the farmers who are eligible for organic certification. This will help in promoting the ODOP agricultural products under the One District, One Product (ODOP) initiative by Government of India.


Right price to the farmers: Organic certification is intended to assure consumers that a product marketed as organic was in fact produced according to organic production standards, and it helps fetching the right price to the farmers.

Eligibility for exports: The NPOP standards for production and accreditation system have been recognized by European Commission and Switzerland for unprocessed plant products as equivalent to their country standards. With these recognitions, Indian organic products duly certified by the accredited certification bodies of India are accepted by the importing countries. (Reference: APEDA Website)



For any queries, please drop an email- odopindia@investindia.org.in