Union Budget 2023-24
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About Us

The Policy & Project Development Cell for the Ministry of Women & Child Development was set up at Invest India in March 2021 in order to support national goals for the betterment of target populations. The desk functions to provide inputs pertaining to policies and projects devised by the Ministry and enable successful participation between relevant stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes for women and children in the country.

The desk serves as a platform to identify convergences across Ministries, States and civil society members and to foster crucial developmental goals and ensure that holistic last-mile interventions are made possible. This will be achieved through the development of missions and programmes as well as efforts to promote behavioural change through targeted outreach. Additionally, Invest India assists the Ministry in managing their flagship Grant-in-Aid for Research, Publication and Monitoring Scheme, and Gender resource development to achieve key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – particularly those focused on health, nutrition, education and gender equality through its Developmental Research & Strategic Intelligence (DRISHTI) team.

Our Role

  • Strategic policy making and support to Ministry
  • International Cooperation
  • Convergence & Coordination
  • Impact Assessment
  • Outreach & Behaviour Change Communication
  • Monitoring & Implementation of nutrition programme
  • Knowledge Services Hub

Our Vision

This is our vision in conjunction with goals and objectives of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. We seek to implement the vision of empowered Indian women living in an environment free from violence and discrimination, with dignity and as equal partners in development. For children, it is envisioned that India can raise well-nurtured children with full opportunities for growth and development in a safe and protective environment.

We seek to support the Ministry’s mission of promoting socio-economic empowerment of women through cross-cutting policies and programmes, mainstreaming gender concerns, creating awareness about their rights, and facilitating institutional and legislative support to enabling them to realize their human rights and develop to their full potential.

For children, we will strive to ensure the development, care and protection of children through closely intertwined policies and programmes, spreading awareness about their rights and facilitating access to learning, nutrition, and providing an enabling environment through institutional and legislative support for their holistic growth and development.

The broad objectives of the Ministry can be found here

Mission Mode

It is recognised by the Ministry that early childhood care and education, nutrition along with adolescent welfare, and protection are fundamental to national growth and progress. Outlining this as a priority, it was announced in the Budget 2021 that the Ministry would be moving into a Mission Mode, under which different programmes and deliverables shall be carried out, from a zero-budget base. This was done to bring about development that was all-encompassing for an individual, over addressing specific issues with specialised schemes that were often disconnected.

Under this mode, three broad Missions have been identified. These are:

  1. Mission POSHAN 2.0 and Saksham Anganwadi: To address forms of malnutrition and breaking the intergenerational cycle of under and over nourishment.To improve nutritional outcomes of children (0-6 years), adolescent girls, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.
  2. Mission Shakti: To address challenges pertaining to health, safety and security faced by women across India, in both rural and urban areas. To ensure holistic support for empowerment and gender equality for women’s life cycle continuum.
  3. Mission Vatsalya: To ensure safety and well-being of children, especially children in vulnerable situations/difficult circumstances.