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Invest India's Journey: Case Study 

Invest India’s journey can be described against 9 critical success factors (CSFs) that chart how the agency responded to its challenges, to now deliver sustained success evidenced by facilitating $31 billion of FDI and direct creation of nearly 303,900 jobs. In part, Invest India has contributed to India’s stellar FDI performance in 2020, when the country reached another record of $64 billion, against a global drop of 35% (UNCTAD 2021). While some challenges still remain, Invest India’s journey provides valuable learnings for other investment promotion agencies (IPAs)

Because of the gold-standards in practices of an IPA, World Bank has done a special case study on Invest India – “Lessons in Investment promotion” in July 2021. This case study was widely circulated by World Bank to provide valuable experiences to other IPAs. 

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 Timeline of Key Events in the Invest India Journey
Timeline of Key Events in the Invest India Journey


Awards & Accolades

As India continues to clock in some of the highest foreign investment figures globally, the country has time and again proved its economic mettle and resilience.
As the world’s most awarded investment promotion agency, Invest India has always endeavored to provide the best support to all our stakeholders. We constantly strive to improve and outdo ourselves by learning from all our partners and ensuring that India receives the best investments out there. 




About WAIPA: The World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) was created in 1995. It was established as an Association under Swiss law. It has been registered in Geneva, as a non-governmental organization. From its very inception, WAIPA has represented an ever growing number of Member agencies.

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Invest India at WAIPA 

Invest India currently holds Vice Presidency since 2019. Since 2017, Invest India has been on WAIPA’s Steering Committee and elected as the Regional Director – South Asia.

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How Invest India Helps

Support and Solutions to other IPAs
  • Capacity Building & Knowledge Sharing

Invest India's Exclusive Investment Forum unravel's India’s growth potential through a series of webinars, Masterclasses, webinars and conferences featuring central & state ministers, key government officials and investors from across the world.

  • National and State IPAs

Invest India published 'Invest India's state Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) rating' and document on Investment promotion best practices.

  • International IPAs

Invest India engages with various segments of partners in India and across the globe –investment promotion agencies, international organizations, foreign and Indian ministries from various sectors and other related organizations.

Explore Invest India Partnerships

  • Global Innovation Solution Platform

Invest India has been working closely with other IPAs from across the world to share our best practices. And now, we are aiming to start a ‘Global Innovations Solution Platform’ to bring together solution seekers and providers. It will be an open platform for all IPAs where all countries can share their innovation solutions and needs. 

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