Production Linked Incentives Schemes in India

Terms and Conditions

  • All participants / teams need to fulfil the eligibility criteria to participate in the Challenge.
  • The Team will be a group of minimum four members and will be representing the company which they are associated with. The prize money will be assigned to the Company.
  • During the entire cycle of Innovation Challenge, the Team Lead shall be considered as the Single Point of Contact for all engagements & communications. Furthermore, the Team Leader cannot be changed during the course of the Innovation Challenge.
  • The Team Leader and Participants will be required to use their e-mail ID and Mobile number for the purpose of Team Registration and Account Creation on this link for participation in the Innovation Challenge.
  • For any update regarding the Innovation Challenge, Participants will have to refer to this link
  • All communication between the Innovation Challenge Steering Committee and Team Leader shall happen via the registered e-Mail ID only. This will be the only form of communication and any other forms of communication will not be entertained.
  • Steering Committee may suggest some modifications (in the solutions proposed by the participating teams) to meet the requirements of the user agencies. Frome time to time, the Committee may mentor to ensure delivery of effective solutions.
  • The teams shall not use any proprietary solution or collaborate with companies that have existing proprietary solutions. Such entries, if identified shall be liable for disqualification. An undertaking towards the same will have to be provided by the participating team.
  • Any outcome of this initiative shall only be consumed by the participating team for the purpose of the Innovation Challenge for “Design, Development and Deployment of Machine Assisted Translation System for specific domain, adaptable to other domains”, only.
  • Teams shall maintain detailed documentation of their solution and different stages of the Innovation challenge, which will be uploaded by the respective teams on this link for reference and record purpose. The Innovation Challenge Steering Committee reserves the right to review these documents any time during the program.
  • Any changes in Approach to the shortlisted solutions during Prototype or Solution Building stages of the Innovation Challenge will undergo deliberations and will require concurrence of the Steering Committee.
  • Teams are allowed removal/voluntary withdrawal of team members, only once, during the program before prototype stage. Any such step will have to be disclosed to the Innovation Challenge Steering Committee for approval. No other form of team modification will be entertained.
  • The funding under Innovation Challenge shall be consumed for development of the solution only. The Teams will be required to provide Fund Utilization Certificate before the Next Stage on the date decided & communicated by the Organizing Team.
  • The participating teams have to put the developed corpus and source code in open domain so that these could be utilized by any Indian entity. The participating teams too can utilize the corpus and source code for their own purposes once the contest is over. The corpus and code will also be made available on the language technology platform being established under Natural Language Translation Mission (NLTM) of Government of India.
  • The solution should not violate/breach/copy any idea/concept/product already copyrighted, patented or existing in this segment of the market. Anyone found to be non-compliant, may get their participation cancelled.
  • The solution must have relevant privacy and security features. The solution must comply with the privacy and security laws and other related laws of the country.
  • Innovation Challenge Steering Committee will take the final call for any unforeseen situation. This includes the matters related to the Samanantar dataset and associated models. If the teams are unable to use the dataset due to any reason or if they find any quality issue, the Organizing Team will examine the matters and issue appropriate directions.
  • For any dispute arising out of this contest, the decision of the Scientific Secretary, O/o PSA will be the final.
  • The solution/product so developed would be deployed in the chosen cloud infrastructure / environment as stipulated by the user agency for whom the solution is being developed.
  • Submissions will be considered void if they are in whole or part ill-eligible, incomplete, damaged, altered, counterfeit, obtained through fraud or late submission.