Innovations against COVID-19

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has recently decided to expand the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to include funds spent on COVID-19 related activities as CSR (General Circular No. 5/2021, General Circular No. 10/2020).

The MCA has also expanded the scope of CSR with a view to spur the Research & Development (R&D) and innovation ecosystem in the country. The Schedule VII of the Companies Act now recognizes any contribution to incubators funded by Central or State Government or any Government agency engaged in conducting research in science, technology, engineering, and medicine as falling within the ambit of CSR.

In this regard, the Social Impact Team at Invest India has created a repository of technologies from technology incubators focused on COVID-19 intervention that can be supported by CSR spending. If you are interested in donating or directing your CSR funds towards these technologies, please reach out to us at

Please find below the technologies you can support that will help in containing COVID-19 (The list will be updated on an ongoing basis) –

S.No. Category Name of the Innovation Brief Description Time to Deployment Incubator Name Startup Location
1 Critical Care Equipment  Combat Robotics Ventsa (Respiratory Aid) that has 70% features of a full-fledged ventilator. It can be used in a car, in an ambulance or in an office in the covid centres. It is portable and has a resuscitator based pumping mechanism which can have linear flow for the patients with ARDS, If the patients is oxygen levels are average it can help the patient to maintain a safe position. It is independent of oxygen moderate patients and also has a provision to attach an oxygen generator or an oxygen cylinder. It also has a battery backup for 3 to 4 hrs which is can help the patients in rural parts of the country where power cuts can happen.It has a seven-inch display where all key parameters can be seen with a settable touchscreen it can sink with patients inhalation and exhalation profiles to have them maintain the oxygen levels. They can have Settable tidal volume, Tidal volume seamlessly from 100-800mL, Control I/E ratio in all ratios 1:4 to 4 :1, Battery backup With UPS, Provision to attach the automotive battery, Optimized Noise Vibration Harness parameters, Safety mechanisms like fault detection and alarms available. Ready to deploy Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay Maharashtra 
2 Critical Care Equipment Oxyheal Pvt. Ltd. Oxygen concentrators that use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to treat Chronic Wounds, which are wounds that do not heal over a long period of time. The device is portable and significantly easier to use and cheaper for the end-user in comparison to presently existing technologies. It can be used to treat  COVID-19 patients whose oxygen level drop below 95%. Suggested to be operated in the hospital. Ready to deploy TBIKEC, Kongu Engineering College, Tamil Nadu Karnataka
3 Critical Care Equipment  EduHex Technologies Pvt Ltd (CPAP) The CPAP supports patients with breathing difficulties. It works by pushing an air-oxygen mix into the mouth and nose at a continuous pressure, keeping airways open and increasing the amount of oxygen entering the blood stream. This breathing aid can be used to help Covid-19 patients with serious respiratory problems to breathe more easily and has been shown to help prevent the need for invasive ventilation. The design is based on an existing off-patent CPAP system that has been further modified to optimise oxygen consumption 10-15 days  AIC Incubation Centre - IIIT Kottayam Kerala 
  Critical Care Equipment  Nocca Robotics Ventilator will be permanently connected to a mobile phone which will be used to control the device and display critical information. Device does not require any form of medical air, it is capable of operating on its own in ambient air. There is also a provision of attaching an oxygen cylinder when required. Ready to deploy IIT Kanpur (virtually incubated) Maharashtra 
4 Critical Care Equipment  3D printed splitter  A splitter is a unique ventilator expansion device that allows a single ventilator to support up to two or four patients during a time of acute equipment shortage. It is specifically designed to bypass ventilator deficiency. Produced using 3D printing the device is developed with material already used in the existing medical devices and produced at minimum cost. The splitter is available either in 1 x2 or 1 x 4 model. Ready to deploy The International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology(iCreate), Ahmedabad Karnataka
5 Critical Care Equipment  Venturi-valve respirator The venturi valve is an airflow control device. It does so by varying its annular orifice to modulate the flow of air. The cone is situated on an actuated shaft, which enables flow control through the full range (0%-100%) of the valve.Valve uses the venturi effect to generate under pressure in a tube consisting of three parts - a convergent section (nozzle), followed by a constant section (throat), ending in a gradual expansion (diffuser). Due to oxygen flow under pressure generated in the nozzle, the air is sucked into the valve. The valve is powered with a stream of pure oxygen with a flow rate of 10 1pm. Two streams mix in a diffuser: oxygen (100% O2) + air (21% O2) resulting in high flow, high oxygen stream at the outlet.The proposed method of production and the valve is preferably SLA or FDM and the material is PLA or ABS which are ideal due to their non-reactiveness to the oxygen. It is a single consolidated 3D printed part requiring no assembly. Ready to deploy
The International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology(iCreate), Ahmedabad Karnataka
6 Critical Care Equipment  Biodesign Innovation Labs RespirAID developed by Biodesign Innovation Labs is an automated respiratory assist device that provides Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation. Ready to deploy  IKP Knowledge Park , Bangalore, Karnataka, India Karnataka
7 Hospital Augmentation LimelightIT Device that can be easily plug into the oxygen supply lines of hospitals to make monitoring, audits, and leakage alerts completely automated with an easy-to-use dashboard. 1 week The International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology(iCreate), Ahmedabad Gujarat
8 Hospital Augmentation Evelabs Wireless Infusion Monitoring System Product dripo is a wireless infusion monitor that can be clamped to an IV set to monitor drip rates. It acts as an intelligent bystander and sends information and alerts on the status of drip to nursing stations enabling nurses to monitor IV drips easily maintaining safety and efficacy. Ready to deploy Maker Village, Kochin Kerala
9 Hospital Augmentation Cloudphysician Healthcare It is a tele-ICU platform, RADAR, provides ICU expertise to hospitals that do not have 24/7 access to ICU specialist doctors Ready to deploy  Cisco LaunchPad Karnataka
10 Hospital Augmentation Teslon Technology Pvt. Ltd. Carenation’ is a state of the art remote healthcare delivery platform that enables patient monitoring and consultations from home, clinic or ICUs. Ready to deploy  Cisco LaunchPad  Karnataka
11 Hospital Augmentation zBliss Technologies Pvt Ltd Remote ICU Monitoring using IoT, Cloud, and AI Technologies.
Auto capture of live data from Ventilators, patient monitors, and laboratory results.
Ready to deploy Incubation Cell, IIT Madras  Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
12 Hospital Augmentation Cardea Labs ATOM ECG is a medical grade 12 lead ECG on mobile phone.
Users can record the ECG of the patient and send it to doctors instantly for recommendations.
Ready to deploy  GINSERV, Bengaluru Karnataka
13 Protective Equipment  OzGen18 (Ozone Disinfectant) A third generation dielectric barrier discharge technology which can disinfect bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds on the produce & meat by discharging ozone on the surface. It will purify water, removes pesticides and germicides from your vegetables and fruits (produce). OzGen18 can be used as an excellent air purifier. This device also eliminates odors, reduces levels of airborne allergens and also removes the wax coating on the fruits. The OzGen18 is portable and ready to plug in as it comes from the box. Its effectiveness depends on the amount of ozone that is dispersed and allowed to contact the vegetables & fruits (for removing pesticides) and ambient air. Already in market, all components ready. 200 units can be supplied in a week. 
Technology Business Incubator- Agribusiness Incubation Society(ABIS), Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu
14 Protective Equipment  Botanical Disinfectant Fogger To Control Virus spread and stop the spread of Virus to Humans as well as to Non- Humans and as a cleaning agent to Industrial application to clean of Virus moles Etc., Effinland IP identified smart spray systems to stop virus spreading and eradicate the virus namely ‘Herbal Based Antibacterial Disinfectant Fogger from 19 herbs. Ready to deploy Technology Business Incubator- Agribusiness Incubation Society(ABIS), Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
15 Support Genexis Biotech Pvt. Ltd. GenVT Viral Transport Medium- A specially designed medium for transportation, storage and analysis of viral sample. It is designed for maintaining viability and virulence of samples. Ready to deploy Savli Technology & Business Incubator (STBI)
Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of Gujarat
16 Support Incredible Devices Pvt. Ltd. ARS (Advanced Reprocessing System) is a revolutionary device, with patented technology, which safely reprocesses medical devices essential in the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19  and ensures doctor & patient safety. Fully automated system, no human intervention, reduces hospital acquired infection. Ready to deploy  Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre, IIT Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
17 Support Blackfrog Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Emvólio is a portable & battery-operated  medical-grade refrigeration system. Precise 2-8 deg C platform for last-mile transport of COVID-19 specimen, vaccines, etc. Ready to deploy  MUTBI, Manipal (Incubated) & Venture Centre, Pune (Associate Incubatee) Karnataka